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The Sandringham Six

By Peter Jones on June 27, 2010 (on biglorryblog)

I am the original designer of the FC82 and also the Sandringham Six 6x6. I own the SMC Group in Bristol, UK and built both vehicles there prior to moving the factory to Neath in South Wales. I sold the world manufacturing rights and it is built now by Penman Engineering in Scotland.

The Sandringham Six

The Hotspur Sandringham Six was a special vehicle approved by Land Rover. Series III and Stage 1 vehicles were used in the manufacture of these 6x6s, therefore these are leaf sprung 6x6s. Vehicles are advertised in 125 inch and 139 inch wheelbases. A sales brochure can be viewed below.


Brochure download : Hotspur Sandringham 6 brochure (site login required)


Hotspur Series III 125 inch Sandringham Six

Denty from the LRUK forum posted these pictures of his machine.
His vehicle has ID plates from Hotspur Cars, and is the Series III 125 inch version. The underside picture shows standard Hotspur leaf configuration: one axle set with 109 inch mounts (middle axle), one axle set with 88 inch mounts (rear axle), staggered to give roughly 36 inches between second and third axle centres.

Sandringham six vehicle Sandringham six - spring setup

Truck style rear leaf configuration

I found someone had posted pictures of their Sandringham Six-type vehicle on the net, giving some information on the spring setup. It differs from the Hotspur vehicles, but the manufacturer is unknown at present. Any information on this appreciated.

Sandringham six type vehicle Sandringham six type vehicle - spring setup

Alternative spring layout

This vehicle has 109 inch chassis spring mounts on both rear axles, unlike the Hotspur vehicles. This allows the tougher Salisbury axles to be used on both rear axles without modification. The vehicle was built by Thomas Schnell, and you can see more on this here.

Sandringham six type vehicle Rear chassis configuration

SMC Engineering's Sandringham Six.

SMC Engineering (Bristol) Ltd, (SMC stands for Sandringham Motor Company) designed and built six-wheel drive Land Rovers (Sandringham 6), Range Rovers (Sahara 6), and Forward Controls (FC-82). Here are a couple of pictures of their Stage 1 based 6x6.

SMC Sandringham 6 Stage 1 Sandringham 6

This vehicle is in Germany and has undergone a full rebuild.

Safir 6x6s.

Land Rover Stage 1 6x6 - ©

Nick very kindly helped out with a little info on A1 LRO (above).
This vehicle was converted to 6x6 by Safir Engineering Ltd, using a double rear output transfer box, retaining the PTO. The 6x6 above was one of 15 which were built for export. If anyone has more info on Safir Engineering 6x6 Land-Rovers, please get in touch!

If you can help out with more information regarding any of the Land Rover applications mentioned here, please get in touch. You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

6x4 Series I

6x4 modified Series I recovery.