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Sigma Motors (Pvt.) Ltd

Sigma Motors is based in Islamabad, Pakistan. They have been sole importers and distributors of Land Rover products in Pakistan since 1994. Sigma Motors supplies Defender vehicles to the Pakistan Army, and to aid the supply contract, began assembly operations in Karachi in 2002. In 2004 Sigma Motors began sales of Defenders to civilian customers. Civilian versions of Defender are assembled at the Ghandhara Nissan Plant in Port Qasim. In July 2006, Sigma announced it's first export contract of Defender vehicles, to the Sri Lankan government. Sigma Motors has assembled more than 3000 Defenders between 2002 and 2006. The company is now geared to assemble 2000 Land Rover Defenders per year and is also aggressively pursuing other export opportunities besides looking after the needs of fleet customers in Pakistan.

Website Link: Sigma Motors

Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd.

Cooper Motor Corporation was set up in 1948, by Mr. Allen and Mr Cooper, to distribute Land Rovers in Kenya. In 1971 Cooper Motor Corporation Limited changed its name to CMC Holdings Limited, and in 1974 CMC Holdings purchased 32.5 percent of Leyland Kenya Ltd.

Leyland Kenya Ltd built the very first vehicle assembly plant in Kenya. Production of vehicles began at the Thika plant in 1976, with the first CKD kit vehicles completed in August that year. Total production to date (2005) stands at around 60,000 vehicles. The plant was originally designed to produce light and heavy commercial vehicles including Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Volkswagen Microbuses, Leyland trucks and buses. The vehicle model range produced at KVM Limited has diversified over the years. It now includes Nissan, Mazda, Land Rover, Mercedes and Iveco products. To reflect this, Leyland Kenya Ltd changed it's name to Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers Limited in May 1989. The Thika assembly plant, 40 Kilometres from Nairobi, covers an area of 40 acres, of which 18 acres are reserved for further development. Production capacity is 6600 vehicles per year, but only a small percentage of that amount is being assembled each year. KVM also carries out 'vehicle rehabilitation' for it's customers. This initiative began with the reconditioning of old Land Rovers in 1985. The service now covers a whole range of vehicle types. These are fully stripped, cleaned and rebuilt to original specification. Over 1500 vehicles have so far been rehabilitated.

KVM's 'Safari Wagon 135'

KVM have for some time been building 130 inch and 135 inch station wagon style vehicles for various safari customers. All of these vehicles were originally Defender 110 chassis cabs, supplied in CKD kit form. The chassis is then stretched to 135 inches and the vehicle body hand built to the customer's specification. KVM are now developing this vehicle type into a full production model, called the Safari Wagon 135. These vehicles are to be built for CMC Land Rover Kenya. Fitted with nine seats, the vehicle has many special features, including three roof hatches mainly used for game viewing. The Defender doors are extended to the roof so passengers have an easier viewing position. Polyurethane is sprayed on to the inner walls and floor of the vehicle body, to allow easier cleaning of the vehicles after a trip. KVM expect to make six of these vehicles per month.

Early KVM 135 Station Wagon Early KVM 135 Station Wagon
Early KVM 135 Safari Wagons.

KVM Safari WagonKVM Safari Wagon.

2012 Update:

KVM continue to build their Safari Wagon and Game Viewer products, now based around the Defender 130 chassis. Wheelbase extension and chassis widening is still available to order. Ambulance conversions are also now on offer.

Website Link: KVM

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