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One Ton 109 inch Land-Rovers 1968-77

The One Ton model was launched in September 1968 as an uprated version of the (3/4 ton) 109 inch Long Wheelbase Series IIa Land-Rover. The vehicle was specified with the 2.6 litre six cylinder petrol engine, and the gearbox from the IIb forward control. The axles were heavy-duty ENV units, also as used on the IIb forward control.

Land Rover 1 Ton Brochure

From around 1972, the Series III One Ton models had front and rear Salisbury axles, and later still the front diff became the standard Rover unit. The chassis was an upgraded reinforced item, featuring drop shackle suspension as pioneered on military vehicles. The 9.00x16 tyres on deep dish rims were carried over from the IIb forward control. Longer brake pipes were fitted as well as a brake servo, the front brakes being wider than standard with 3 inch shoes. Production got underway properly in April 1969 when vehicle number two was built, and all these vehicles had the headlamps in the wings, in line with standard IIa vehicles from that period. When production moved on to the series III in September 1971, 170 One Ton Series IIa vehicles had been built. Production of the Series III One Tons is thought to stand at around 235 vehicles.

The TACR 1 airfield fire truck was based on One Ton specifications, but is not exactly the same.

The 'One Ton' Land-Rover and 'One Tonne' Land-Rover are very different vehicles, the 'one tonne' being the 101 inch forward control model.

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Series II & III 'One Ton' pictures

One Ton Land Rover
One Ton Land Rover
Pic © Dave Neeson (LATP 2007).

One Ton Land Rover
One Ton Land Rover
Pic © Dave Neeson (LATP 2008).

One Ton Land Rover

TACR1 at Dunsfold 2009 - Picture by Dave Neeson

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