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Otokar is a Turkish company, which from 1963 until the mid 1980's specialised primarily in the building of busses. The busses were produced initially under licence to Magirus Deutz, then slowly Otokar developed their own products. Otokar still produce a range of modern busses today.

In the mid 1980's Otokar diversified, manufacturing their first armoured vehicle as a cash-carrier. The Turkish Armed Forces were looking to update their vehicles, so in 1987 Otokar signed a Licence agreement with Land Rover to manufacture Land Rover vehicles. Currently, a full range of Defender products is offered, in 90, 110, or 130 inch wheelbase, including ambulances and fire appliances. Military specification vehicles are offered in 12 volt or 24 volt versions. In 2005, most were still powered by the 300 Tdi engine.

In the early 1990's, Otokar combined its armour technology with its experience in military vehicles by developing Turkey's first 4x4 light-armoured tactical wheeled vehicles. The 'Akrep' and 'Otokar APC' are both armoured Defender derivatives, while 'Cobra' is a joint development with AM General and incorporates parts from the Humvee. In 1997, Otokar moved to its new plant in Sakarya, Arifiye, where it developed a state of the art armoured vehicle testing and production facility. Apart from being the main supplier to the Turkish Military Forces, Otokar also supplies it's armoured range to various allied countries. Otokar is now listed in the NATO supplier index.

Late 2005 saw the first deliveries of Otokar Land Rovers to the Iraqi government to aid their security forces. Otokar are expanding their military sales effort, and are being rewarded with large supply contracts. Otokar armoured Land Rover types are covered on the Otokar Armoured page.

Otokar Ambulance. Otokar Fire Appliance.

(above) Otokar Ambulance and Fire Appliance Specialist Vehicles.
(below) Otokar 'Akrep' Armoured Vehicle.

Otokar 'Akrep' Aromured Vehicle.

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Otokar pictures

Otokar crew cab
Otokar crew cab.

Otokar cherry picker
Otokar cherry picker.

Otokar 130 manpads stinger missile launch vehicle
Otokar 130 manpads stinger missile launch vehicle.


Missile launch platform - Zipkin

Otokar Ambulance
Otokar Ambulance.